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Find the water park at 1800 E Lamar Boulevard, Cherry Valley, IL 61016.


Hurricane Harbor Rockford is typically open from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM, until September 02, 2024. Hours may vary. Please check the official website for more up-to-date hours of operation.

  • Any Day: Valid on any operating day at Hurricane Harbor Rockford through September 02, 2024.

  • Children aged 2 and under get in free.

    **Six Flags has limited purchases to 10 tickets per transaction. For purchases of more than 10 tickets, please create a separate transaction for the excess.

    Image of a colorful sign for Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, featuring the park's logo, a large wave, and tropical palm trees against a radiant sunset background. The sign is mounted above a stone wall beside a clear, still water surface. Image of a vibrant promotional banner for Six Flags Hurricane Harbor water park. The banner features a stylized wave and palm tree graphics with the park's name in large, bold letters, set against a backdrop of a tropical blue sky. Below is a reflection of the sign on a water surface. The Six Flags logo is present at both top and bottom left corners.

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    Prepare yourself for the ultimate refreshing adventure at Hurricane Harbor Rockford! The water park continues serving guests after its grand opening in 1984, giving every family memorable and fun journeys. There’s unlimited fun with 11 rides to experience and enjoy, seven restaurants offering a wide variety of tasty food, and a shop where you can find awesome gifts and merch!

    There is something fun for everyone here, from smooth-sailing and lighthearted play areas to adrenaline-rushing water slides! Let the little ones enjoy a fun splash at the Caribbean Cove and discover new things. Unleash the daredevil inside by trying out a heart-pounding tall water slide, Riptide Rush! It will be the best adventure to have with family and friends, and your will enjoy it at the best rate with FunEx. Purchase your discount Hurricane Harbor Rockford tickets from us today!

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    at 949-367-1900 from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily or,

    Things to Know Before Your Trip!

    Safety Protocols

    The park has implemented changes in its safety protocols as per the CDC and local guidelines. The list of changes is listed below:

    • Wearing face masks while your visit is not required but recommended for unvaccinated guests.
    • Guarantee that you understand and carry out proper hygiene during your trip.

    Dress Code

    The park requests the guests dress appropriately to maintain family-friendly surroundings and comply with the water park’s dress code. Proper swimwear, such as board shorts or bathing suits, is required. Transparent swimwear, street clothing, or athletic attire at attractions are prohibited.


    Guests who leave the park but plan to re-enter must have their hand stamped at the exit. Hand stamps are non-transferable.


    The park maintains a smoke-free environment, and smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas. The same rules apply to e-cigarettes.

    What are the Rides to Experience at Hurricane Harbor Rockford?

    The water park offers eleven rides with varying thrill levels for everyone’s enjoyment! There are kid rides, family rides, and high-thrill rides. Each ride will be a new and exciting experience! Purchase your discount Hurricane Harbor Rockford tickets from FunEx for a fun-filled adventure at the lowest prices!

    Bermuda Triangle

    Image shows a water park with a clear blue sky. Three water slides curve downwards into a splash pool. The foliage and water indicate a summer setting. A person is visible enjoying the slide. The Six Flags Hurricane Harbor logo is at the bottom, indicating the location. The image shows a bright sunny day at a waterpark, specifically Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. Three parallel water slides with white surfaces and blue edges descend towards a common splash pool. A person is visible on the left slide, enjoying the ride, moments away from the water. The slides are surrounded by a network of walkways and lush greenery in the background.

    With the thrill level of maximum, hold on tight as you twist and turn to reach the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle! You’ll start at five stories high, where you must choose which slide you’ll take. Take your pick, the right slide is filled with twists, the left one has many swift turns, or would you prefer the rapid one in the middle? No matter which one you choose, it’s guaranteed to be a mind-blowing experience as you slide into the splash pool!

    You can take on this thrilling experience at the lowest price by purchasing your discount Hurricane Harbor Rockford tickets from FunEx!

    Little Lagoon

    A joyful child is splashing in a shallow water play area on a sunny day at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. Colorful water slides and umbrellas are in the background, along with lounge chairs for relaxation. Vibrant orange and purple hues add to the fun atmosphere of the waterpark. A child with a joyful smile is playing in a shallow water area at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. In the background purple water slides, blue umbrellas, and rock formations are visible under a clear sky. The park's logo is seen at the bottom.

    For some family bonding with the little ones, the Little Lagoon is perfect for having colorful sprinklers and playful ocean animals! The adults can relax as they sit and watch the kids having unlimited fun and discovering new things. It will be a great time to spend with everyone in the family in this awesome water play area! For the lowest price, FunEx offers you discount Hurricane Harbor Rockford tickets for a lighthearted adventure!

    Castaway Creek

    Image shows a family enjoying a sunny day at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. Two adults and three children, smiling, are floating in individual blue tubes along a gentle water ride. Lush greenery surrounds the blue water channel. The Six Flags logo is visible in the frame. A group enjoys leisure time in a lazy river at a water park. Three children, one baby in a woman's arms, and another woman and man float in blue inner tubes, smiling and engaging with each other happily. A watermark indicates the setting is Six Flags Hurricane Harbor.

    Hop in a tube for a magical experience down the river! Gently float through Castaway Creek and relax as you let the easy currents wash your worries away. It is a perfect way to wind down from the adrenaline of fun and decide what your next exciting adventure will be. Admire the pleasant scenery of the river’s rich greenery, intricate rock formations, and waterfall! Enjoy a moment of peace by sitting back and relaxing in the refreshing waters.

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    Typhoon Terror

    Image shows a group of four excited people in swimwear sliding down a bright, multicolored water slide on a large yellow inflatable raft with handles. The background is a blend of vibrant green and blue, suggesting high speed and water-based fun at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. Three people are enjoying a water slide at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. They're seated in a yellow raft, arms raised in excitement, with expressions of joy. The water slide is partially visible with a blue and green color scheme. The Six Flags logo is present at the bottom.

    This one isn’t for the faint of hearts, as you’ll start at 65ft high up and board a four-person raft! Hold on tight as you rapidly travel through Typhoon Terror’s savage twists and turns. You will see what it’s like to be in the eye of a storm when you’re launched into a gigantic funnel! Don’t worry – as the saying goes: there is calm after the storm.

    Get ready for a stormy ride with family and friends with your discount Hurricane Harbor Rockford tickets from FunEx!

    Frequently Asked Questions for Hurricane Harbor Rockford

    1. Where is the water park located?

      The water park location is 7820 Cherryvale N Blvd, Cherry Valley, IL 61016. Don’t forget to buy your discount Hurricane Harbor Rockford tickets from FunEx before making your trip!

    2. Are reservations required?

      No, your discount tickets are open-dated. Purchasing your tickets online in advance is highly recommended to save money and time. You can buy discount Hurricane Harbor Rockford tickets at the lowest price with FunEx!

    3. Is there a parking fee?

      Yes. Please bring a card. Hurricane Harbor Rockford only accepts cashless payments, including parking. Cash-to-card kiosks available at the venue.

    4. Are pets allowed?

      Pets are strictly not allowed inside the waterpark. Service animals must be leashed/harnessed and trained.

    5. Are alcoholic beverages allowed?

      Bringing alcoholic beverages into the waterpark is prohibited. There will be alcoholic drinks available for purchase in multiple dining options.

    6. Can I bring selfie sticks into Hurricane Harbor Rockford?

      The waterpark does not allow those items, as well as monopods, and other similar devices inside.

    7. Is the park wheelchair accessible?

      Yes! Most of the facilities inside the park are wheelchair accessible. Water wheelchairs are available for rent at the First Aid station.

    Last updated April 26, 2024.


    Hurricane Harbor Rockford Tickets

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