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Knott’s Boysenberry Festival

Happening on: March 10 to April 16, 2023, Daily

Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket

Knott's Boysenberry Festival is an annual food-themed event that honors the park's origins by shining a spotlight on the boysenberry. This limited-time gourmet festival at Knott's Berry Farm features a tasty variety of dishes, from savory cuisine with a boysenberry flavor to unique specialty sweets and drinks.

The Knott's Boysenberry Festival isn't just about the food and drink, though; there are also various local artisans, live performances, and stage acts for people of all ages to enjoy. More than two dozen new foods and drinks will be available for purchase at this year's festival!

Food and drink will be available at the Boysenberry Festival from 10 AM until 1 hour before the park closes.

NEW RIDE: Knott’s Bear-y Tales: Return to the Fair

Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket

Are you ready to indulge in this all-new Knott’s Bear-y Tales: Return to the Fair 4D interactive ride with your family and friends? Hop aboard in this 360-degree slow-moving ride! You will be transported into a colorful and friendly world full of interactive games. Watch and enjoy some really cool show scenes, including Frog Forest, Fortune Teller Camp, Thunder Cave, and many more! The fun doesn’t end there, you will be going inside the Thunder Cave, equipped with some jelly blasters that you will use to save the stolen pies! Will you win first place and beat the high score?

Enjoy the incredible visual and sound effects on this journey! What are you waiting for? Hop on this new ride at Knott’s Berry Farm and purchase your Knott’s Berry Farm discount ticket through FunEx.

NEW: Peanuts Celebration at Knott's Berry Farm!

Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket

Discover all the fun surprises that Knott's Berry Farm has to offer for visitors of all ages at this exciting event taking place from January 28th to February 26th! Check out any of these live performances if you want your day to get an added boost of fun and laughter!

Snoopy’s Legendary Rooftop Music Festival

Don't miss out on this unforgettable performance! Get ready for a fantastic extravaganza that will have you dancing at the park! The Peanuts crew has teamed up with The Jelly of the Month Club, a family-friendly indie band, to provide kids and families the best music. Nothing beats a good time better than spending the day with family and friends!

Performances are available on select days.

To The Moon: Snoopy Soars with NASA

This delightful exhibit of Snoopy and his longtime relationship with the National Space Administration will have you gazing at the heavens in no time. The focus of the world's most famous beagle has always been the skies. Now you can take an out-of-this-world picture with Snoopy!

Charlie Brown’s Trivia Challenge

Take this fun quiz to see how well you know the Peanuts gang! Get the whole gang together for a round of family-friendly trivia! Knott's game show host has searched every nook of the Peanuts universe for exciting trivia and mind-blowing visual challenges, and nothing has slipped his attention!

Available on select dates.

You may also want to stop by these fun activities inside the park on your visit:

  • It’s Your Life, Charlie Brown
  • The Music Goes ‘Round and Around
  • Peanuts Sketch School
  • Beagle Bonanza
  • Pigpen’s Pig Pen
  • Peanuts Cowboy Jamboree
  • The James Street Trio


Effective December 7, 2022, this policy will now be in effect on Saturdays only.

  • Under this policy, all guests ages 17 years old or younger must be accompanied by a chaperone who is at least 21 years old to be admitted to the park.

    For more information on the Chaperone and Bag Policy at Knott's Berry Farm, please CLICK HERE.

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A Brief History of Knott's Berry Farm

The park had its humble beginnings as a small family farm, where Walter and Cordelia Knott sold farm-grown berries, pies, and jams from a roadside stall before eventually transforming their place into the theme park loved by the world. Known for its wooden rollercoaster, classic shows, and the famous Old West Ghost Town, this theme park is an American favorite.

Not everything in the park is old-school and classical. Over the last century, the park has added tons of modern rides, shows, and attractions, from high-speed thrill rides to a huge waterpark. There have been many upgrades that put this park in the spotlight next to other famous Californian theme parks.

The park has plenty to offer in terms of rides and entertainment that are fun for all ages. Younger kids will have so much fun on the slower rollercoasters and fair games, while teens and adults can get the thrill of a lifetime through the fast-paced rides that get your adrenaline. Even seniors can find something to enjoy in the Old West Ghost Town or Calico Railroad.

Don't miss out on the vast selection of shows, from gunfights, banjo bands and dance performances from local indigenous groups. There is plenty to see and enjoy apart from rollercoasters. You can also delight in some excellent dining options that accommodate many types of diets. Forget about worrying over meals during your time in the park.

This theme park is considered to be the first theme park in America and has grown to be a favorite in the hearts of families for years due to its classic American charm. Do you want to spend some super-fun quality time with your family at a more affordable price? In that case, you have to check out this theme park while in California – and of course, purchase your Knott’s Berry Farm tickets with FunEx, where we guarantee the lowest pricing in the industry.

What to Expect at Knott’s Berry Farm?

The park is spread out across 57 acres and can be thoroughly explored in a day if you are efficient with your time. You might run into a crowd or an attraction that has a waiting time, but you can save time by planning ahead! Some seasons are a little bit busier, like summer and spring break, while fall and early spring are considerably less crowded as kids are in school.

The park is divided into five different areas: Ghost Town, Knott’s Berry Farm, The Boardwalk, Fiesta Village, and Camp Snoopy. Each part its own theme and is great for different age groups. Every part of the amusement park is really special and fun, we highly recommend visiting all of them! If you use a map of the park’s layout, you shouldn’t have any trouble navigating through the whole park.

Head over to the park with your Knott’s Berry Farm discount tickets!

Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket

Ghost Town

Ghost Town is the oldest part of the park and the most popular. Constructed to mimic the Old West, the wooden buildings, steam engines, and characters walking around in clothes take you back centuries. Ghost Town is a fun place to hang out for the whole family. There are different shops that you might’ve seen on the main avenue of a dusty western town in the 1800s - Glassblowers, woodcarvers, and even a little jail with a talkative fugitive in the holding cell.

As for rides and entertainment, Ghost Town has a great selection of rollercoasters, from the tame Calico Railroad ride to the more aggressive thrill ride – Silver Bullet. Depending on age and thrill level, the entire family can find a ride to enjoy together or separately. You might want to catch some activities and shows in this side of town, like gold panning, performances in the Mystery Lodge, and watching Ghost Town Square’s notorious gunfight.

Have a great time with your Knott’s Berry Farm discount tickets from FunEx!

Knott’s Soak City

Knott’s Berry Farm has an incredible waterpark located outside but immediately adjacent to the original theme park. Knott’s Berry Farm Soak City doesn’t open until the end of May and runs as long as the weather is good. Keep in mind visitors are required to have a different ticket to get into Soak City. This is a great experience to try out! You and your family are going to have the time of your lives!

The waterpark in the theme park has over 23 different slides (from tube rides to high-speed thrill rides), a large Wave pool, a lazy river, and a three-story water playhouse with water guns and splash buckets. Get ready to splash and swim around all day long! Create an unforgettable fun memory with your loved ones! You must stop by some of the best attractions at the park like The Wedge. It's a family raft ride that will have you and your kids steering down on a large raft while you attempt to navigate through drops, twists, and slippery turns. The Lagoon Storm Watch Tower is another raft ride where you and one other can ride down a tube waterslide at unbelievable speeds before falling into the bottom pool.

The Boardwalk

If you want to get a glimpse of a classical Californian amusement park, head to Knott’s Berry Boardwalk. The Boardwalk is the theme park’s main arcade and game area, where guests can get a shot at some iconic fair games, where you can play, eat delicious food, and ride some awesome rollercoasters. The rides on The Boardwalk are very fun and full of thrills. You will also find a great selection of kid-friendly activities.

One of the most popular rides is Supreme Scream (a towering drop ride), but there are so many fun things to choose from! Jump in a bumper car or enjoy some 4D and virtual reality experiences.

Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket

Fiesta Village

Inspired by Mexican villages, Fiesta Village is the theme park’s tribute to California's Spanish roots. With many of the rides, restaurants, and shows emulating Mexico, you and your family are guaranteed to have a fun time in Fiesta Village.

Some of the park's most popular rides are in Fiesta Village, such as Montezooma's Revenge – a high-speed rollercoaster that travels at up to 55 miles per hour as you make it through a massive loop and tower. It's important to keep in mind that the rollercoaster is undergoing a face-lift and won’t be open until 2023.

You can also find some classic Mexican dishes for which California is well-known. Sit down and enjoy some exquisite Mexican-inspired cuisine before going on with your action-packed day. You won't regret visiting this spectacular area in the park when you enter with your Knott’s Berry Farm discount tickets!

Camp Snoopy

Ready to have a great day with your kids? Head out to Camp Snoopy. This is a great toddler-friendly section of the park. Camp Snoopy’s has some wonderful rides, entertainment, and shows that are perfect for children 10 years and younger.

Meet all the beloved Peanuts characters and have a fun-filled day! Pose for photos with your favorite characters and hop on some great rides as a family.

There are two different places to eat while in Camp Snoopy – a snack bar located inside a cave and a wooden lodge with many tasty options. Any of those options are great to grab a bite and fuel up for the day!

You should know that the park is huge, and it's five sections are a lot of ground to cover, but there are two general ways families can tackle the park and not miss anything.

You can either choose to walk in clockwise manner around the grounds, discovering everything there is to see as you go along. Or you can plan ahead and pick which rides you want to try and riding them first. Either way works and allows you to enjoy the entire park.

Get ready to have an awesome day full of activities at the theme park with your friends and family!

Another great tip? Take a look at your complimentary map while you are walking around or check online to make sure you can see all the restaurant options available in the park, and all the activities you can go to. This is a great way to make the most of your time.

Unique Experiences included with your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket

Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket

Livery Stable

Visit Livery Stable and get up close with the friendliest horses in the west! What’s fascinating about this encounter is that you will be able to get really close to these beautiful animals! Are you ready? This is such a unique experience to enjoy with kids! This comes included in your Knott’s Berry Farm discount ticket from FunEx.

Snoopy & Peanuts Gang Meet & Greet

Your Knott’s Berry Farm visit is not complete if you don't drop by Snoopy & Peanuts Gang Meet & Greet at the park. Have some fun at this new interactive encounter with your favorite characters Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and Sally! Take some post-worthy pics with these adorable characters. Make beautiful memories that will last a lifetime!

The Old Schoolhouse

Have you ever wondered what schools were like centuries ago? How students managed to learn, and what teaching methods were used? If you are curious and want to learn new things while visiting the park, then join this class! You will learn what teachers and student's life was like way back then. Have some fun while learning!

Western Trails Museum

You don’t need a time machine to visit the past! In the park, Western Trail Museum is an attraction that will transport you back centuries. Discover many collections and curiosities from the past. If you’re fond of American history, then this is for you! This museum also included in your Knott’s Berry Farm discount tickets from FunEx.

Enjoy Unlimited Rides and Attractions with your FunEx Knott’s Berry Farm discount ticket

Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket

Thrill Rides

Coast Rider

Coast Rider – If you’re looking for thrill adventures and extreme rides at the park, this Coaster Rider ride is a must-try! Riding in this 52-foot-high roller coaster will keep you hanging on tight as it takes high-speed turns and spins! You will be so elevated from the ground that you'll get to see some jaw-dropping views of the theme park!

This ride counts with a 1,339 ft long track full of unexpected twists and drops. To ride, you must be at least 54 inches tall to ride alone or 44 inches tall if you have someone riding with you.


Give the GhostRider ride a try and be amazed by its unique wooden characteristics. This is by far one of the most popular roller coasters, thousands of visitors love this ride! What's not to love? This 118-feet high roller coaster is one of the tallest wooden coasters in the world and the biggest coaster ride in the theme park.

This ride reaches speeds of up to 56 miles-per-hour in a 4,533 ft long track. If you want to ride this, you must be at least 48 inches tall.


Conquer your fears and get on the steepest roller coaster ride in California! This is the first dive coaster in the state, and you can enjoy it at Knott’s Berry Farm. Are you ready for some zero gravity falls? Due to its steep, 96 degree and 150-foot vertical drop, this ride is only for the brave!

This ride’s top speed is 57 miles per hour, and it has 2,189-feet steel track. The minimum height requirement for this ride is to be at least 48 inches.

Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket


Travel through an ancient Mayan temple on this roller coaster and get a view of Fiesta Village from way up high!

The ride’s minimum height requirement is 48 inches tall. It runs at a speed of 30 miles per hour for approximately two minutes. This ride is included in your Funex Discount tickets.

La Revolucion

This is one of the most amazing rides in Buena Park. This roller coaster will swing you around, and take you up to 64ft above the ground at incredible speeds.

The minimum height requirement is 48 inches for you to ride. The thrill level is 4/5.

Montezooma’s Revenge

This wicked rollercoaster in Knott’s Berry Fiesta Village will have you coming back for more. This ride was one of the first of its kind, with an immense 76-foot loop and a massive tower you will be climbing at high speeds.

This runs at a maximum speed of 55 miles per hour, and you will have to be 48 inches tall to ride. Enjoy your Montezooma’s Revenge ride with your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket from FunEx.

Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket

Pony Express

Unlike the typical roller coaster this Pony Express has horses to ride on instead of the usual cart. This exhilarating high-speed ride takes you through the wild west! It doesn't have many large drops, so it's perfect families. The minimum height requirement is 48”.

Sierra Sidewinder

Try this all-new spinning roller coaster ride at the park with your ticket from FunEx. Sierra Sidewinder combines spins and speed! It is a great ride full of twists and turns that will surely put a smile on your face!

The minimum height requirement for riding is 48 inches tall or 42 inches if someone is riding with you. The duration of this ride is approximately two minutes.

Silver Bullet

Climb aboard this newly inverted roller coaster ride at Knott’s Berry Farm, Buena Park, California. Experience this breathtaking experience where you hang 146 feet from the earth and hold your breath as you drop to 109 feet at 55 miles per hour! You’ll also experience its upside-down feature a couple of times.

You will get to see the lake from an astonishing point of view! Make the most of your day with your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket from FunEx.

Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket

Sol Spin

Relish this Sol Spin ride at the theme park with your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket from FunEx. This ride spins in a 360-degree circular motion with an angle that will surely make you feel like you’re falling. This ride is not recommended if you have just eaten your meal, as this could give butterflies to your stomach. Well, just a friendly reminder.

The minimum height for you to ride in this Sol Spin is at least 54 inches and should not exceed 76 inches.

Supreme Scream

The thrills you could have when you’re being lifted intensify in this ride. This 252-feet elevation in the air for approximately a minute will give you an excellent overview of the neighboring rides; once you reach the top, you’ll not even have much time to get scared as this drops you in an instant without notice. Well, where’s the thrill if there are no twists, right?

This ride will take approximately 45 seconds at a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour. The height requirement is at least 52 inches. Take flight in this Supreme Scream with our Knott’s Berry Farm ticket, and you’ll never regret trying it!


One of the friendliest rides at the park, this Wipeout ride is not that so scary ride that will make you scream so bad and loud; instead, you’ll enjoy and have fun while sitting on this intense spinning and lifting rotating ride.

Please make the most of it during your visit with your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket from FunEx. The minimum height requirement to ride must be at least 48 inches.

Xcelerator The Ride

One of the best steel roller coasters in the park - try this Xcelerator the Ride if you’re looking for an intensified coaster ride when you visit. Travel at the speed of light instantly and feel your body as it tilts, giving you a nice view of the area near the park. Truly fascinating! But you won’t have much time to enjoy the view as this roller coaster will drop you at a very steep with a fast speed downwards! The minimum height requirement is 52 inches.

Crash this ride with your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket from us!

Family Rides

Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket

Butterfield Stagecoach

Horse rides are not obsolete; they are phenomenal and great relaxation for you to ride! Try this Butterfield Stagecoach ride and enjoy your ride together with your family. This horse ride is included in your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket.

Anyone can ride in this Butterfield Stagecoach; however, if the rider is under 46 inches, you must be accompanied by someone.

Calico Mine Ride

Ride aboard in the park's first major ride, which will bring you entirely in total darkness! Like real mine, you’ll also be transported via wooden cart throughout the mining haul roads. Those fogs-like effects will make it even more accurate! The minimum height requirement to ride is 46 inches. Steer in this Calico Mine Ride with your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket from FunEx.

Calico Railroad

Ride in this old-fashioned railroad train and get a nostalgic feeling that will bring you back to the old times! Modern trains are so fast that you can’t even enjoy the view outside. Not this one! You’ll have the chilliest rides, perfect for those who need fresh air. The minimum height requirement to ride is 46 inches. Hop in this Calico Railroad with your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket from FunEx.

Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket

Calico River Rapids

Try this lovely ride with your family and friends, and never worry about where the current will take you! A lift like you’re going through an extreme ride adventure and fighting for your survival as the water takes you at full speed in a wavy manner. Look out for water splashes! The minimum height requirement to ride is 46 inches. Seek this ride as this comes included in your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket.

Dragon Swing

If you’re looking for a thrill ride for your family to try, then this Dragon Swing is a must-visit for you to ride! Enjoy its full swing speed with this pendulum-like ride that will surely get you that free-fall feeling once you reach the top and drop back.

The minimum height requirements are 42 inches if accompanied and 48 inches if riding alone—swing in this Viking ship with your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket from FunEx.

Flying Ace

Fly aboard with Flying Ace at Camp Snoopy and ride in this aircraft-inspired drive that will bring ears to ears smiles to your kids as they soar high above the sky. This ride is included in your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket from FunEx. The minimum height to ride is 32 inches, and the maximum height should not exceed 54 inches.

Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket

Hat Dance

Go on an adventure at Hat Dance and bring your entire family to join in your dancing ride journey! The spin is so fast that you'll think you'll bump onto others' hats as it twists and swivels at full speed. Of course, this is included in your Knott's Berry Farm ticket from Funex. Little guests can ride along if they are at least 42 inches.

High Sierra Ferris Wheel

You’re afraid of heights but want to try a ferries wheel? Then, try this High Sierra Ferris Wheel with your family. With its incredible view from above, you’ll also feel safe as you ride along with your family at the park. The minimum height requirement to ride is 54 inches. Plus, the open-air style facing the crowd heightens your air journey. Give High Sierra a visit and enjoy this ride with your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket from FunEx.

Merry Go Round

Enjoy your timeless and classic merry-go-round that lives in the century at Knott’s Berry Farm. One of the oldest carousels in the world that still operates today! Your kids will surely love this journey as they spin together with various hand-crafted animals. Riding a horse in carousels is too overrated, so ride a lion! For you to ride, you must be at least 46 inches. Visit this one during your Knott’s escapade with our Knott’s Berry Farm ticket.

Pacific Scrambler

If you’re looking for a nice ride during the nights for a refreshing expedition, drop on this Pacific Scrambler during your visit and give it a try. Unlike the typical rides that spin steadily, this will take you to another level of thrill as you turn 360 degrees while it rotates the entire ride! If you want to ride on this thrilling ride, you must be at least 48 inches. Note that this trip is included in your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket.

Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket

Sky Cabin

Are you looking for something new experience with your family? Then this Sky Cabin ride is a must-try for you! Consider it the safest ride with your kids as they take a shot of the surrounding rides inside the theme park. This Sky Cabin takes you 180 feet above the ground with 360 degrees scenery view; indeed, this ride will give you chills! Want to try this one? The minimum height requirement is 46 inches. If below, an accompanying adult is required. No worries! Sky Cabin is included in your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket from FunEx.

Surfside Gliders

Bring yourself to this new and unique ride where you will be the one to pilot your raft. Immerse yourself as you spin and tilt your body in degrees faster. If you consider giving this ride a try, you’re free to do so, as this is included in your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket from FunEx. Short enough to ride this one? You can still ride if you have a guardian hanging with you!

Timber Mountain Log Ride

Ready to get those water splashes as you soak your log-like ride in the water? This ride is one of the most recommended rides to try inside the park, as this is an enjoyable ride, especially when you’re with your family. If your sign turns green, go, and get this ride as many tries as possible! This is included in your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket from us. 46 inches in height? You’re all good to go!


One of the super fun rides inside the park! Try this Wave Swinger and get elated as you spin with others up high at a fast speed. Hold your grip, and you’ll surely make it to the end! The minimum height for the guests to ride is 48 inches. If you want to try this ride with your family, then purchase your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket through FunEx and ride unlimited for free!

Wheeler Dealer Bumper Cars

Want to try this fun-mazing experience with your entire family? Drive your car and race with them! Well, bumping is not prohibited here. No police reports, so you’ll make the most of your driving trek. Drive until your fuel drops to zero! This ride is included in your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket from us. The minimum height requirement is 48 inches. Guests under 48” need a supervising companion.

Kids Rides

Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket

Balloon Race

Try this pleasant ride that your kids will love at the theme park with your Knott's Berry Farm ticket from FunEx. Watch their eyes glow as these miniatures of hot air balloons start to lift and spin them around. Race along with the other guests and become the winner of Best Balloon Racer in the camp.

The minimum height required is 36 inches. Little guests under 36" need a companion.

Camp Bus

Kids do surely love heights! Ride and fly aboard this Snoopy’s Camp Bus and enjoy its clockwise and counterclockwise movement in an upward and downward motion. This ride is included in your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket from us.

The minimum height required is 36 inches. Little guests under 36” need a companion.

Charlie Brown’s Kite Flyer

If your little one likes swings at a park, they’re guaranteed to love Charlie Brown’s Kite Flyer ride, where they’re strapped into a swing and twirl about Snoopy’s Camp. This imaginative ride will keep your little thrill seekers engaged. Soar above the clouds but watch out for kite-eating trees! You can find this kid-friendly ride at Camo Snoopy. The minimum height requirement for this ride is 36 inches or with a supervising companion. Camp Snoopy is full of delightful rides that are designed for kids. Get you and your kids those Knott’s Berry Farm discount tickets and enjoy a family-bonding day!

Grand Sierra Railroad

This attraction is perfect for bonding your kids in your family! Camp Snoopy is too big to roam around barefoot, so we recommend you ride this one and stay relaxed as your train rides. Along the way, you’ll see Snoopy, the gang playing around, and many more. Get on this refreshing ride with your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket through FunEx.

The minimum height required is 46 inches. Little guests under 36" need companionship.

Huff and Puff

Huff and Puff is a kid-friendly ride inside the park, so make sure to bring your kids here as they’ll love this ride for the rest of their childhood! Not just that, they’ll have to rely on their strength, making it more fun to race with others. The faster they push and pull, the quicker their mine cart will run through the rail. Access this fun ride with our Knott’s Berry Farm ticket.

No minimum height requirement.

Linus Launcher

Have you ever tried riding something and positioning like a superhero as they head through to save someone in danger? Then if you haven’t, try this Linus Launcher as you’ll lie down throughout your Linus journey at a defying speed. This is included in your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket from us.

The minimum height required is 42 inches. Little guests under 42” need a companion.

Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket

Pig Pen’s Mud Buggies

If your kids are fond of cars, this Pig Pen’s Mud Buggies is a must-try! Try its elevating and jumping-like vehicle that will tickle them as they ride in this flying car. They’ll surely love this one, and they can go on this for how many times during your visit. Use your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket from FunEx to access this ride.

The minimum height required is 36 inches. Little guests under 36” need a companion.

Rapid River Run

Using your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket, you can access this Rapid River Run ride while visiting the park. Ride aboard and paddle as your boat swims 21 feet in height and drops back again. Perfect ride for your kids to try!

The minimum height required is 42 inches. Little guests under 42” need a companion.

Rocky Mountain Trucking Company

Enjoy these miniature rides at Knott’s Berry Farm with your kids when you visit this Rocky Mountain Trucking Company. Ride on these bright 18-wheeler mini cars and enjoy your trip around the High Sierra Mountains at Camp Snoopy. Get access to this ride with your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket from FunEx.

The minimum height required is 36 inches. Little guests under 36” need a companion.

Timberline Twister

Want to send your kids to a kid-friendly roller coaster? Then, give this Timberline Twister a ride for your kids to try. This ride is not perfect for adults, but for kids, yes! The backyard theme roller coaster is so different that your child will love to play as if they’re playing in their houses. The twisting turns and dips make it even more fun for them! This ride is included in your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket from us.

The minimum height required is 36 inches. Little guests under 36” need a companion.

Woodstock’s Airmail

Woodstock’s Airmail is an excellent ride for small guests in the park. The fun isn’t just only for adults, and if you’ve been to your highest drop ride, then these kids also have this ride to enjoy! They’ll slowly be transported up in the sky and view the snoopy camp; in one second, they’ll drop back to earth at full speed! This ride is included in your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket from FunEx.

The minimum height required is 36 inches. Little guests under 36” need a companion.

Live Shows Included with your Knott's Berry Farm Tickets

Besides some exhilarating rides for all ages, the theme park hosts a cacophony of shows for even more entertainment. During Knott’s hours, there are stunt shows, live bands, musicals, interactive activities and so much more! Below we’ve listed some shows you can expect to see and participate in with your Knott’s Berry Farm discount tickets:

Knott’s Berry Farm Live Shows

Ghost Town Alive:

Perhaps one of the most popular shows is the Ghost Town Alive experience. Bandits, sheriffs, and cowboys come alive in the theme park’s Ghost Town, where guests can participate in an action-packed story as it unravels in front of an audience. You can be the star in Knott’s Berry Farm’s summer story of the Wild West!

Check out this incredible western adventure in the town of Calico. Guests will surely enjoy participating in this interactive ghost town experience. Ghost Town Alive! is available on select days from May 20 – September 5, 2022.

Native American Dance Performance:

Suppose you want to witness a stunning dance performance showcasing the dance styles of the indigenous groups of Americans. In that case, you’ll want to hit up Indian Trails to see the Native American Dancer. Learn about the first people while admiring the striking dances and regalia – something the whole family will love.

Catch this festive dance performance at the Indian Trails Stage. The celebration of Native American lore, music, legends, and dance will definitely be an experience to remember. Get your discount tickets from FunEx today!

Summer Nights:

Are you itching for a summer night barbecue and festival? Look no further than the theme park’s Summer Nights, where every night performances, shows, and marshmallow roasting happen in Knott’s Midway. They even feature family games, live music and one-of-a-kind summer food choices that you won’t find anywhere else.

Enjoy the warm summer evenings from May 20 to September 5 as Knott’s Berry Summer Nights hosts live music and a dance party perfect for the family. Get the whole family’s tickets through FunEx to enjoy a discounted price like no other!

Knott’s Berry Farm Dining & Restaurant

Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket

The theme park was founded on food, so it’s only natural that there are many options for families to sit down and get some good grub. From snack stands to delicious restaurants, there is no lack of food options in the theme park; even the pickiest of eaters are sure to dins something to their taste while at the theme park.

Many of the restaurants offer gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options for guests to enjoy.

Below are listed some popular spots to grab a bite while at Knott’s Berry Farm:

Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket

Ghost Town Grub:

Home to one of the most Instagram-able treats from Knott’s Berry Farm, Ghost Town Grub is a great place to up your blood sugar with some sugary treats. Try the famous Fun Bun – a mix between a cinnamon roll and funnel cake topped with a deliciously sweet Boysenberry sauce. Instantly upgrade your sugary dessert by ordering it “Fully Loaded”, they’ll add ice cream and a topping of your choice.

Stop by this lovely food location on Main Street. There is a myriad of other yummy desserts you can try like deep fried PB & J, Boysenberry Fun Bun, and more! They also serve cold Coca-Cola beverages, coffee, milk, and bottled water.

They are open on the weekends and also on select days throughout the season.

Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner:

It’d be a shame to visit the theme park and not try out the specialty chicken dish for which Cordelia Knott became famous. Visit the famous restaurant where it all began! Until today, their delicious fried chicken recipe is unchanged. Order the classic fried chicken and it will be served to you just like how Mrs. Knott’s made it! Aside from the enticing cuisine, the aesthetic interior will also make for a nice Instagram picture of you and your family!

Located just outside the park grounds in the Marketplace, stop by and sit down with your family before chowing down on a delectable chicken dinner.

La Papa Loca:

Located in the theme park, La Papa Loca is a great place to get a famous fusion dish of fair food and Mexican specialties. They serve piping hot fried potatoes with a myriad of delicious toppings for you to try. Try the Carne Asada Fries for a step up from classic golden fries. They also serve waffle fries, chili cheese fries, nacho fries and many more! There are also refreshing beverages served at La Papa Loca.

There are even more delightful food choices for you to choose from at Knott’s Berry Farm. There’s definitely no going hungry on your day of adventure.

Knott’s Scary Farm

Depending on what time of year you and your family visit Knott’s Berry Farm, you may be able to participate in a festival. These festival experiences are themed and bring a whole new side of this iconic theme park to life. One of the most popular experiences? Knott’s Scary Farm.

Between September 22 and October 31, Knott’s Berry Farm comes alive with scary everything. From spooky costume-clad workers to horror-themed shows and attractions, Knott’s Scary Farm has become one of the most significant Halloween events in Southern California.

Knott’s Scary Farm has the park transformed into a Halloween theme where you can find a haunted maze, frightening creatures scattered across the grounds, and some genuinely sinister shows to attend. The Knott’s Scary Farm experience isn’t recommended for anyone 13 or under.

To get into Knott’s Scary Farm, visitors will need a ticket. Knott’s Scary Farm Tickets are available online throughout the scary season or can be bought at the gate. If you want the lowest-priced Knott’s Scary Farm Tickets, then buy through FunEx for some of the lowest pricing in the industry.

Knott’s Berry Farm Souvenir Shops

After all your fun experiences in the park, it’s nice to get yourself the perfect souvenir to help you remember your moments in Knott’s Berry Farm. Here is the list of the must-visit souvenir shops:

Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket Knott's Berry Farm discount ticket

Berry Market:

Just located in the California Market Place, this Berry Market offers a wide selection of gift packs you can bring home. Aside from that, your Knott’s Berry Farm experience is not complete without trying their signature jams and preserves as well as their flavored coffees.

PEANUTS Headquarters:

If you are looking for the perfect place to shop your PEANUTS-inspired souvenir, there’s nowhere else to go than the PEANUTS Headquarters! Here, you’ll surely find your perfect memorabilia featuring your favorite PEANUTS characters like Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock, and so many more!

They also offer a wide variety of clothing, costumes, toys, movies, decorations, figurines, and so much more! If this is what you’ve been looking for, head straight to the PEANUTS Headquarters when you visit Knott’s Berry Farm.


This all-new Build-A-Bear Workshop is now opened to serve you with their tried and tested customizable furry friends. Meanwhile, to honor the park’s theme, this trusted brand features an exclusive line of customizable train-conductor-themed bears, cowgirl bears, and cowboy bears.

When you decided to use your discount Knott’s Berry Farm tickets during a specific seasonal event, there are also a lot of limited-edition accessories available in Build-A-Bear inspired by the park’s current theme. Visit them in California Market Place.

Where is Knott's Berry Farm located?

Knott’s Berry Farm is in Buena Park, California, about 15 minutes from Disneyland. The address to the park grounds is 8039 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620.

The Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel, theme park, and Waterpark are in the same area, making it easy for families to go to and from different areas.

Where to Stay at Knott’s Berry Farm

After enjoying your Knott’s Berry Farm day with all the fun and exciting experiences in the park, you might need to book a hotel for comfortable accommodation. The good news, the Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel has a lot of room options and accommodations you can check and choose from.

Hotel Amenities:

Guests will surely have a stress-free and relaxing stay in the Knott’s Berry Farm hotel with their relaxing view over the city of Buena Park. Amenities include a spacious fitness center, sports court, and a large outdoor pool. They also serve classic American cuisine to satisfy your post-adventure cravings. Below, we listed down some of their featured amenities:

  • Banquet Hall

  • Jacuzzi

  • Poolside Drink Service

  • Concierge Services

  • Dry Cleaning

  • Elevators

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Laundry Facilities

  • Wheelchair Accessible Parking

They are located at 7675 Crescent Ave, Buena Park, CA 90620. Also, take note of their Check-in and Check-out times. You are expected to check-in at 4:00 p.m. and check out at 12:00 p.m. (noon).

Frequently Asked Questions about Knott’s Berry Farm:

  1. Are tickets required for Knott’s Berry Farm?

    Yes, everyone entering Knott’s Berry Farm must have a valid FunEx discount ticket – even if you don’t plan on going on any of the rides.

  2. Do you still need reservations?

    No. Reservations are not required for any guests.

  3. How do I get my Funex Knott’s Berry Farm Tickets?

    Once you’ve secured your Knott’s Berry Farm discounted tickets through FunEx, you will receive them instantly in your email, along with your receipt.

  4. Do I have to print my Funex Knott’s Berry Farm Tickets?

    No, you do not. You only have to show them at the park's entrance from your phone.

  5. Do kids need Knott’s Berry Farm tickets to enter?

    Children ages 2 and younger do not need a ticket to enter the park. Everyone ages 3 and above do need Knott’s Berry Farm tickets which you can buy at a discounted rate through Funex.

  6. How do I get to Knott’s Berry Farm?

    The theme park is about a 20-minute drive from Downtown California – the address is 8039 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620.

  7. Is there parking?

    Yes, there is parking available for guests. Each car does have to pay a standard fee of $25 for cars and motorcycles, while buses and RVs pay $30. Do keep in mind that there is no re-entry for parking.

  8. What are Knott’s Berry Farm’s Hours?

    Knott’s Berry Hours change week to week depending on the season and time of year. They are usually open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on weekdays. You can count on the park being open every day except Christmas.

  9. What are Knott’s Berry Farm ride height requirements?

    The height requirements needed to ride a particular rollercoaster change from ride to ride. Visit Knott’s Berry Farm information page for specific rides’ heigh requirements.

  10. What is allowed inside the park?

    Unopened or empty water bottles (there are fountains where you can fill up your water bottles inside the park), baby food, special food for guests with diet restrictions, and wagons used as strollers for small children. Upon entry, all guest bags, backpacks, and purses are inspected, including a metal detector test. The items you are not allowed to bring into the park are: radios, stereos, luggage, coolers bigger than 1’ x 1’ x 1’.

  11. Can I rent a stroller once inside the park?

    Yes, Knott’s Berry Farm has single strollers, and double strollers can be rented once inside the park. Located near Ghost Town, the rentals are on a first come, first-serve basis, and you pay a damage deposit and a small daily charge to use the stroller. Reservations need to be made more than 24 hours in advance.

  12. Can I rent a wheelchair once inside the park?

    Yes, Knott’s Berry Farm has rental manual and automatic wheelchairs, which you can rent once inside the park. The rental place is near Ghost Town and is on a first come, first-serve basis and can run out. You have to pay a small daily charge to use the wheelchair and a damage deposit. Reservations need to be made over 24 hours in advance. Please note that wheelchairs are not available to rent during Knott’s Scary Farm.

  13. Is there locker rental available at Knott’s Berry Farm?

    Yes, lockers of various sizes are available to the public for rent. Depending on the size of the locker, you can expect to pay between $15 - and $25.

  14. Are there ATMs available inside the park?

    Yes, Knott’s Berry Farm has six ATMs spread across the park. They are located:

    • Outside the Main entrance near ticket booths.

    • Lee’s Last Stop Service Store near the Xcelerator The Ride

    • Classic Candy in the Boardwalk area

    • Peppermint Paddy’s Candy Cabin in Camp Snoopy

    • Inside the General Store in the Ghost Town

    • Inside the Emporium at in California Marketplace

  15. Is Knott’s Berry Farm a Cashless location?

    Now you can swipe, tap, and insert your card or apple wallet at most locations in the park.

  16. Is there Wi-Fi at Knott’s Berry Farm?

    Yes, free Wi-Fi is available throughout the entire park.

  17. Are facemasks required at Knott’s Berry Farm?

    Facemasks are required indoors for unvaccinated visitors except those ages 2 and under, those with a medical condition that prevents them from wearing masks, and those with a mental health condition that impedes them from wearing masks.

  18. Can I exit and re-enter the park on the same day?

    Yes, as long as you have your Knott’s Berry Farm ticket, you can exit and enter the park on the same day.

  19. How many rides are in Knott’s Berry Farm?

    There are 40 rides in total, including 10 rollercoasters and two water rides, and you can enjoy all of them at a great discount through FunEx.com!

  20. Are pets allowed inside the park?

    Animals are not allowed inside the park with the exception of service animals.

  21. Is smoking allowed at Knott’s Berry Farm?

    To ensure the safety of all the guests in the park, it is not allowed to smoke inside the park. This includes any kind of vapor or e-cigarettes. Smoking is only allowed in the designated near the park’s main entrance.

  22. Is alcohol sold at Knott’s Berry Farm?

    Yes, to those who are 21 years old with a valid ID.

  23. Are wheelchairs and strollers available for rent?

    Yes, strollers and both manual and electric wheelchairs are available for rent for a fee on a first-come first-served basis.

  24. What if I lost something at the park?

    You’ll be able to submit a Lost and Found report online, and a Guest Service Associate will contact you once your item is found. Please refer to Knott’s Berry Farm’s official website for the report form.

  25. Are there baby resources inside the park?

    Yes, baby-changing and nursing stations are located in the California MarketPlace® and Camp Snoopy.

  26. Is first aid available in the park?

    First Aid is available and can be found in Ghost Town. Nurses are on duty during Park operating hours.

  27. Are there areas in Knott’s Berry Farm that still accept cash?

    Yes. Cash will still be accepted by in-park Crafters, select California MarketPlace dining services and the Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel.

  28. Are there special offers for Birthday Celebrants?

    Special discounts on tickets aren’t offered, but guests visiting Knott’s Berry Farm during their birthday can claim a free birthday pin badge if they stop by the Guest Relations Services Center across the GhostRider exit in Ghost Town.

  29. What are the other guidelines for the chaperone and bag policies?

    • The chaperone must present a valid photo ID with date of birth. One chaperone may accompany up to five guests ages 17 or younger per day.
    • Chaperones must accompany their party during entry, remain with their party at all times during their visit to the park, and be available by phone throughout their stay.
    • Guests ages 17 years old or younger who are found inside the park unaccompanied by a chaperone will be subject to ejection.
    • Guests will not be permitted to bring bags larger than 6.5” x 4.5” x 2” into the park, including purses, backpacks, or diaper bags during Scary Farm operation. All bags will be searched prior to entry.

    These chaperone and bag policies apply to all Knott's Berry Farm and Knott's Soak City Waterpark ticket and season passholders, as well as all event nights of Knott's Scary Farm.

Last updated March 21, 2023.

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