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American Dream, 1 American Dream Way, East Rutherford, NJ 07073

Hours of Operation:

Sunday: 11am - 7pm / Monday: 12pm - 7pm

Tuesday: 12pm - 7pm / Wednesday: 12pm - 7pm

Thursday: 12pm - 7pm / Friday: 12pm - 7pm

Saturday: 11am - 7pm

Explore the Wonders of Paradox Museum New Jersey!

A young boy and girl stand in front of a wall featuring three large, sculpted faces with illuminated eyes. The boy is wide-eyed and open-mouthed, while the girl looks upward contemplatively. The sculpture exhibits detailed facial features creating a unique backdrop. Image Description: Two children are standing in front of a stylized, monochromatic rendition of Mount Rushmore. The sculpture's eyes are illuminated from within, creating a vivid contrast. The child on the left, in a striped top, looks up in awe at the first figure, while the child on the right, wearing a red dress, tilts her head back to gaze at the third figure with a similar expression of wonder. The FunEx watermark is visible at the bottom of the image.

Unlock a journey of illusion and discovery at Paradox Museum New Jersey, a thrilling destination for families, artists, and anyone intrigued by mind-bending experiences!

Home to enchanting exhibits like the Paradox Sofa, Reversed Room, and Paradox Piano, this unique museum transforms ordinary perceptions into extraordinary experiences! Perfect for families, photography enthusiasts, and anyone with a curiosity for the unexpected, the Paradox Museum invites you to question your senses and discover the magic of optical illusions.

Join us for an adventure that turns the world upside down and inside out, right in the heart of New Jersey! Purchase your discounted Paradox Museum New Jersey tickets now!

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Experiences Not to Miss at Paradox Museum New Jersey

Three friends pose happily in front of a colorful light projection. The person on the left takes a selfie, while the friend in the middle raises arms joyfully, creating fun shadows on the wall. The friend on the right stands close with a playful stance, all enjoying the interactive exhibit. The words 'Paradox Experience' are visible in the corner, indicating the playful setting. Three individuals are shown engaging in playful activities in front of a vibrant, colorfully lit background. They appear joyful and are captured in mid-movement. The environment suggests a lighthearted and creative space. The photo conveys a sense of fun and camaraderie.

The Paradox Museum in New Jersey offers an immersive and interactive journey through the world of optical illusions and mind-bending phenomena. With around 70 exhibits visitors of all ages can explore intriguing environments that play with their sense of reality.

Here's what you can expect from these exhibits with your discounted Paradox Museum New Jersey tickets:

  • Paradox Sofa:

    Imagine sitting on a couch that seems to distort and stretch beyond the usual dimensions!

  • Image of a gravity-defying exhibit at Paradox Museum, with a man and a woman appearing to be floating in a room with inverted furniture. The diner-themed space features a red guitar, neon lights, and signs on the walls. The illusion creates a playful upside-down world experience. Photo depicts an upside-down room illusion with two people posing as if they are on the ceiling. The room is furnished with a sofa, table, and guitar, all fixed above them. A neon light swirl and framed pictures adorn the walls, creating a playful and surreal atmosphere.
  • Reversed Room:

    Step into a room where everything seems upside down! The Reversed Room makes you feel as if you've stepped into an alternate universe where the laws of gravity do not apply!

  • Paradox Piano:

    The Paradox Piano combines the art of music with optical illusion. As you approach this seemingly normal musical instrument, you'll notice that it warps and shifts in unexpected ways!

Shopping at Paradox Museum New Jersey

Image shows two adults and two children around a table with puzzles. A woman on the left smiles at a young boy focused on a puzzle. Beside them, a girl shows excitement while playing. A man on the right is joyfully engaging with the girl. The environment suggests a casual, fun family activity. A logo for Paradox Experience is visible in the corner. A family of four is engaged in a fun activity at a table. The mother, standing, leans in smiling towards her young son who is focused on the activity. The daughter is sitting across, also concentrating. The father, to the right, appears joyful as he participates. A blurred logo is visible in the foreground.

Paradox Boutique

After checking out the astonishing world of Paradox New Jersey, be sure to visit the Paradox Boutique—a perfect spot to capture a piece of your journey!

What You'll Find at the Paradox Boutique

From educational games and mind-teasing puzzles that keep you pondering for hours, to stylish apparel and accessories that make a statement, there's something for everyone!

Featured Products:

  • Plasma Ball
  • Hoodies - T Shirt
  • Paradox Ball
  • Helicone

(Note: Shopping for souvenirs is separately charged and is not included in your discounted Paradox Museum New Jersey tickets)

Visitor Tips for Enjoying Paradox Museum New Jersey

Image shows two joyful women taking a selfie inside a room with mirror walls and ceiling, reflecting their image multiple times. The room is illuminated by neon light patterns in a maze-like design, creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. The Paradox Experience logo is visible in the bottom right corner. Image of a joyful crowd at an indoor event. Two women in the foreground, one raising her arm up high, are smiling and dancing. They are surrounded by a vibrant atmosphere with dynamic light patterns on the ceiling and walls, reflecting a lively party scene. The space has a futuristic vibe with an array of blue and purple hues dominating the setting.
  1. Purchasing Tickets

    Buy your Paradox Museum New Jersey discount tickets at FunEx to guarantee your entry time and enjoy massive discounts. This will also allow you to bypass the ticket lines at the museum!

  2. Parking Information

    Paid street parking is available but can fill up quickly, especially on weekends. For ease, consider arriving early or using public transportation.

  3. Dress Comfortably

    Wear comfortable shoes as you will be walking and standing for most of your visit. The interactive nature of the exhibits means you will be moving around a lot.

  4. Photography

    Bring a fully charged camera or smartphone! The museum offers numerous unique photo opportunities with its vibrant and intriguing exhibits.

  5. Prepare for the Experience

    Be aware that some exhibits may be disorienting, especially if you're prone to motion sickness. Consider bringing motion sickness medication if necessary!

  6. Accessibility

    The museum is accessible for visitors with mobility challenges. Contacting the museum ahead of your visit can ensure that any specific needs are met, making your experience as enjoyable as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the hours of operation for Paradox New Jersey?

    The museum is open from:

    • Sunday: 11am - 7pm
    • Monday: 12pm - 7pm
    • Tuesday: 12pm - 7pm
    • Wednesday: 12pm - 7pm
    • Thursday: 12pm - 7pm
    • Friday: 12pm - 7pm
    • Saturday: 11am - 7pm
  2. Where is the Paradox Museum New Jersey located?

    The museum is located at American Dream, 1 American Dream Way, East Rutherford, NJ 07073, conveniently accessible by public transport and car.

  3. Is there parking available at the museum?

    Yes, paid street parking is available near the museum. Arriving early or using public transportation can be more convenient, especially on weekends.

  4. What exhibits should I not miss?

    Don't miss the Reversed Room, Paradox Piano, and Paradox Sofa — these are visitor favorites and offer unforgettable experiences.

  5. Is the museum wheelchair accessible?

    Yes, all areas of the museum are accessible to wheelchair users.

  6. Is photography allowed inside the museum?

    Absolutely! Photography is encouraged as the exhibits provide unique and intriguing photo opportunities.

  7. Is there a gift shop on-site?

    Yes, visit the Paradox Boutique to find a variety of unique items including souvenirs, games, apparel, and accessories that reflect the thematic elements of the museum.

  8. Are there food and beverages available on-site?

    The museum does not have food and beverage facilities, but it is located near a variety of dining options.

  9. How long can I explore the museum?

    Visitors typically spend about 75 minutes exploring the museum, but you are welcome to stay and enjoy the exhibits as long as you like within operating hours.

  10. Can I bring my pet to the museum?

    Pets are not allowed inside the museum, except for service animals.

  11. Can I bring a baby stroller?

    Baby strollers are welcome. However, due to space constraints in some exhibit areas, using a baby carrier might be more convenient.

  12. Do I need a tour guide?

    No, the museum is designed for self-guided tours, but the support staff is always on hand to assist and provide information as needed.

Last updated May 29, 2024

Paradox Museum New Jersey Tickets

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