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Image shows a twilight view of the Texas State Capitol building with its distinguished dome and classical architecture. The pathway leading to the Capitol is lined with street lamps casting a warm glow. Trees flank either side of the walkway. The sky is fading from blue to dusk. At the bottom, there's a logo for Urban Adventure Quest. Image shows a view of the Texas State Capitol building at dusk with lights illuminating its facade. Trees line the foreground and the sky has a soft gradient from blue to yellow. The logo is visible at the bottom left corner.

Get ready for a fun twist on exploring Downtown Austin with the Urban Adventure Quest! It's like a giant board game, but the city is your playground. You and your team will solve puzzles, crack clues, and complete cool challenges, all while getting a unique tour of Austin's historical spots and famous landmarks. And the best part? You get to do it all at your own speed. Whether you're hanging out with friends, spending quality time with your family, or shaking up with a team-building adventure, this self-guided scavenger hunt is a fantastic way to see the city in a whole new light.

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Important Things You Need to Know

  • The hunt starts at the State Capitol, guiding you through Austin's cultural core.
  • Visit art galleries, museums, and outdoor areas, uncovering city treasures through puzzles.
  • Duration: Approximately 2-3 hours, with around 2 miles of walking involved.
  • Smartphone-accessible online, no app download required.
  • An entertaining, informative, and interactive method to experience Austin in a fresh way.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I start Urban Adventure Quest in Austin?

    Purchase your quest online and start anytime. Use the login details provided to access your adventure via a smartphone.

  2. Is there a time limit to complete the quest?

    No, there's no time limit. Enjoy Austin at your leisure, taking breaks as needed.

  3. How many people can participate in a team?

    Teams can be any size, but the game is optimized for groups of 2-5 players.

  4. Do I need to download an app?

    No app download is required. The quest is accessible through a web browser on your smartphone.

  5. Can I pause the quest and resume later?

    Yes, you can pause your adventure and pick up where you left off at any time.

  6. Is the quest suitable for children?

    Absolutely! The quest is a family-friendly and a great way for kids to learn about the city.

  7. What should I bring?

    Wear comfortable shoes and bring water, sunscreen, and a fully charged smartphone.

  8. Can I compete against other teams?

    Yes, you can create your own competition by starting the quest simultaneously with other teams.

  9. What happens if I get stuck on a clue?

    The quest provides hints and answers if you need help solving a challenge.

Last updated February 16, 2024

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