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Urban Adventure Quest Kansas City Overview

The image shows two contrasting scenes. On the left, there is a fountain with sculptures and water jets, surrounded by trees, with buildings in the background. On the right, a wide, calm river is featured, with a bridge overhead and a clear reflection on the water's surface, all under a bright blue sky. Image displaying two separate scenes. On the left, a fountain with sculpted figures and water jets sits in a park, surrounded by lush greenery and urban buildings under a clear sky. On the right, a wide bridge spans over a calm river reflecting the sky, with trees lining the banks and a clear sky above.

Welcome to the heart of Kansas City, MO, a place where the barbecue is unmatched, and the city shares a unique bond with its twin across the river.

Get ready for a fun-filled scavenger hunt that kicks off in the picturesque Country Club Plaza, right next to one of the city's beloved fountains. This adventure isn't just a walk in the city; it's a journey through stunning Spanish architecture, around beautiful sculptures, and into the heart of the city's culture. You and your team will have a great time cracking puzzles and chasing down clues as you roam the riverwalk. Along the way, you'll stumble upon hidden delights nestled among top-notch eateries, charming shops, and breathtaking spots. It's the perfect way to experience the vibrant life of Kansas City with your Urban Adventure Quest Kansas City tickets!

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Quick Adventure Overview:

  • Start Point:

    Mill Creek Park, Country Club Plaza - Begin your journey surrounded by beauty!

  • Finish Line:

    A short 2-block stroll from where you started, back in the heart of Country Club Plaza.

  • Journey Length:

    Just 1 mile - Perfect for an easy, leisurely exploration!

  • Adventure Time:

    2.0 to 2.5 hours - Enough to soak in the sights without rushing.

  • Challenges:

    16 - Engaging tasks to keep the excitement up!

  • Extra Fun:

    4 special bonuses to spice up your quest.

  • Costs:

    Absolutely none! Just bring your spirit of adventure.

Must-See Spots:

  • JC Nichols Memorial Fountain:

    A sight to behold, this fountain is a snapshot of grandeur.

  • Mill Creek Park:

    Greenery and tranquility in the midst of the city.

  • Plaza Sculptures & Fountains:

    An artistic feast for the eyes.

  • Local Murals:

    Dive into the local culture with vibrant tile and painted murals.

  • Brush Creek Riverwalk:

    Nature and beauty flow side by side.

  • Sister City Foot Bridge:

    A bridge that connects more than just two riverbanks.

Urban Adventure Quest Kansas City Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to pay anything extra during the quest?

    No, there are no additional costs involved.

  2. How long will the quest take?

    Plan for 2.0 to 2.5 hours of adventure time.

  3. Is the quest suitable for children?

    Absolutely, it's a fun experience for all ages.

  4. What should I bring with me?

    Just your enthusiasm and a comfortable pair of shoes!

  5. Can I start the quest at any time?

    Yes, but it's best enjoyed during daylight hours for the full experience.

Last updated March 04, 2023.

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