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Image shows a person gleefully looking up at a vibrant, colorful spinning wheel carnival game, illuminated by lights. The game panel has a radiating pattern with a dark center and a circle of lightbulbs. A game logo is visible in the corner. The atmosphere suggests amusement and excitement at a funfair or arcade. Image shows a person looking up at a large, colorful spinning wheel game at an indoor arcade. The wheel has bright segments with lights and numbers, creating a vibrant display. The person is engaged and appears to be in anticipation of the game's outcome. The ambiance suggests fun and excitement.


A joyful woman with her arms raised in excitement stands in front of a colorful wheel of fortune game at an arcade. A joyful woman with her arms raised in excitement stands in front of a colorful wheel of fortune game at an arcade.

If you’re looking to spend an epic fun-filled day, there’s only one place to go to and that’s Boomers Livermore! This family fun center is filled with legendary arcade games and tons of exciting indoor and outdoor activities. Boomers arcade has something for everyone. This means loads of fun for kids and for those who are kids at heart. A happy place indeed!

It is a fantastic location that’s perfect for having a good time. In addition to this family fun center’s awesome activities, they also serve satisfying food. Experience a whole day of adventure and grab some tasty food to fuel up. Get your discount Boomers Livermore tickets through FunEx today!

Where is Boomers Livermore Located?

The Family Fun Center is located at 2400 Kitty Hawk Rd, Livermore, CA 94551, United States.

Boomers Livermore Hours

Boomers Arcade’s opening hours may vary on certain days, but they are usually open from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

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What is there to do at Boomers Livermore CA?

The theme park is the go-to center for all things fun! They have loads of fun-filled attractions for guests of all ages to enjoy. Enjoy an action-packed day at Boomers arcade, a Mini-Golf course, laser tag, and other fun games! These are some of the fun attractions you should visit with your Boomers Livermore discount tickets from FunEx:

Left side depicts a person playing a motorcycle racing arcade game called Super Bikes 3, sitting on a stationary bike with bright animations on screen. Right side shows people enjoying skee-ball, rolling balls up an inclined lane towards scoring holes. The environment is vibrant with arcade lights and colors. A vibrant arcade setting with bright lights and colorful displays. On the left, an individual is engaged in a motorcycle racing game, leaning into the curves on the bike simulator. To the right, two people are playing a skee-ball game, rolling balls up a lane to score points. The ambient atmosphere conveys energy and entertainment.

Boomers Arcade

Experience epic virtual adventures at Boomers Arcade. They have a state-of-the-art game room that’s filled with incredible games designed to make you have fun for hours on end! They even have awesome redemption games where you can win tickets. Earn as many tickets as you can and claim an instant prize from their redemption center.

Miniature Golf

Challenge your family to a wacky game of golf with your Boomers Livermore discount tickets. Visit the photo-worthy golf courses that have great features and as well as thrilling challenges for the whole family to enjoy. Get your golf game on at Boomers Arcade!

Lazer Tag

Experience an epic Lazer Tag battle at the theme park! Bring your friends and enjoy a high-tech and unique game of tag. Enter the black-light battleground and grab your Laser gun. May the best player win!

A collage of three images showcasing fun activities. On the left, a couple enjoys a sunny amusement park ride. In the center, two people play an arcade game glowing with neon blues and purples. To the right, a family is engaged in a game of mini-golf on a bright day. The logo for 'Boomers!' is visible in the bottom left. Three separate fun activities are depicted. On the left, a young couple smiles while buckled into a thrilling amusement park ride. The center shows another couple joyfully playing an arcade game with vibrant neon lights. The image on the right captures two couples on a sunny miniature golf course, focused on a putt. Each scene exudes enjoyment and leisure.

Bumper Boats

This one-of-a-kind attraction is simply amazing! You have no idea the amount of fun you will have on these boats! Boomers presents Bumper Boats, an action-packed cruise that will have you splashing around. Aim your boat’s very own water cannon and shoot away. Get your discount tickets from FunEx to experience this thrilling ride.

Thunder Road Go Karts

Get ready for high speeds on Boomer Arcade’s Thunder Road Go-Karts! This exciting attraction features hi-octane cars. Experience riding this thrill-filled Go Kart and race to the finish line! To Drive this ride, you must be 58” tall (60” or 58” and with a driver’s license for drivers with passengers). Go Kart Passengers must at least be 40” tall.

Other Boomers Arcade Locations:

Looking for a Boomers location near you? There are quite a few locations where you can enjoy their fantastic attractions. Here are some other locations:

  • Irvine, California
  • Modesto, California
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Boca Raton, Florida
  • Santa Maria, California

If you’re looking to visit this awesome attraction, hurry up and don’t forget to purchase your Boomers Livermore discount tickets from FunEx at the best price possible. We also offer tickets to the other Boomers arcade locations and fun-filled attractions across the country as well!

Last updated July 11, 2024.

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