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Aerial view of an outdoor go-kart track with winding asphalt lanes bordered by tires. Three go-karts navigate the course on a sunny day amid greenery and a few palm trees. A blue handicap parking sign is visible near the track. Overhead view of an outdoor go-kart track with sharp turns and rubber tire barriers. Three go-karts are racing on the track, surrounded by landscaped areas with palm trees. The track is designed for competitive fun in a sunlit setting.


An adult with long hair and a child, both smiling, on a water slide. They are sharing a green inflatable ring. The background shows clear water and a splash, suggesting they are having fun on a sunny day at a water park. An adult with long hair and a child, both smiling, on a water slide. They are sharing a green inflatable ring. The background shows clear water and a splash, suggesting they are having fun on a sunny day at a water park. The logo for 'Boomers' is visible in the top left corner, indicating the location or brand associated with this joyful moment.

Boomers is a very popular place for people of all ages seeking a fun, amusing, and unique experience! You will find many rides, games, and attractions that are super fun, including the renowned Santa Maria Mini Golf, Go-Karts, and Arcades, as well as the park’s Water Play Area!

This park is a great option if you are looking to have fun! This well-known family entertainment center offers indoor and outdoor activities, as well as plenty of dining options that serve delicious food. Hurry up and purchase your discount Boomers Santa Maria tickets from FunEx and explore everything this awesome park has to offer.

Where is it Located?

Boomers Santa Maria is located at 2250 Preisker Ln, Santa Maria, CA 93458, United States.

Boomers Santa Maria Hours

The park’s opening hours may vary on certain days. But it is usually open from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

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What to Expect at Boomers Santa Maria CA?

Boomers has fun activities for everyone including arcades, indoor games like laser tag, outdoor games such as Go-Karts, and even some great water slides. FunEx's general admission tickets grant you access to all of them.

Image displays a vibrant arcade setting. On the left, two people engage in a motorcycle racing game. Center shows two children with toy weapons next to an adult with laser tag vests. The right side features an adult and child standing by an arcade machine, smiling. Bright colors and game signage add to the lively atmosphere. This image depicts a vibrant arcade setting. On the left, it shows several racing arcade machines with motorcycle seats. On the right, a group of cheerful children and an adult are wearing virtual reality backpacks and equipment, ready to enjoy an immersive game. The arcade's lively atmosphere is enhanced by colorful lights and gaming signage.

Miniature Golf

Try some miniature golfing at Boomers Santa Maria! This exciting challenge is great for all ages. You are only one strike away from golfing immortality once you avoid the hazards like lush greens, crazy water features, and bizarre windmills in this course. The putter and ball will be provided by the park. You bring the stroke—or lack of it!

Spin Zone Bumper Cars

Have you ever been on disco-themed bumper cars? Now is your chance! As you thrash about the field to the music and lights, be aware that if you run into someone else, you'll throw them into an uncontrollable spin. Buckle up so you can experience the spin of a lifetime. Remember – you must be at least 44” tall!

The image is split into two scenes of outdoor fun activities. On the left, a joyful person sits in a blue bumper boat in a pool, smiling towards the camera. Palm trees are visible in the background. On the right, three individuals are playing mini-golf; one is about to putt on a blue carpeted lane beside a faux rocky formation with red lava-like accents. The weather is sunny, perfect for leisure activities. Two sections of a water park on a sunny day. On the left, a person with glasses smiles while sitting on a blue water slide tube next to a pool. On the right, another person stands at the end of a slide with hands on hips, looking at a person sliding down. Greenery and rocks are visible.

Lil’ Thunder Rookie Go Karts

These Rookie Go Karts are ideal for little racers who are under 58 inches tall. These go-karts at Boomers Santa Maria are both safe and fun. Your kids will enjoy a memorable experience when you buy your Boomers Santa Maria tickets from FunEx! This ride requires you to be 42” to 58” tall.

Thunder Road Go Karts

Everyone wants to ride these high-performance Go-Karts! The excitement of driving past banked curves, hairpin twists, and exhilarating straightaways will make you want to visit the park every day.

To ensure everyone’s safety, the driver must be 58” or 60” with a valid driver’s license, and the passenger must be 40”.

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