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NEW! at Boomers Irvine


Fly aboard this cutting-edge rotating drum, which will spin you around at full speed. Its zero-gravity levitating motion will leave every rider amazed of the dropping sensation. This ride is one of the newest rides that can be found at Boomers Irvine. It's one of the rides that everyone loves!

This image showcases a vibrant and boldly colored amusement ride sign with the word "STARSHIP" prominently displayed in the center. The sign is adorned with stylized elements resembling flames or comets, stretching outward from the text. The decorative elements feature a mix of polka dots and stars on a background gradient that transitions from yellow to blue. The edges of the sign are detailed with a dazzling array of small lights or reflectors, enhancing the attraction's exciting, space-themed appeal. The sign is mounted on top of what appears to be a ride structure with a beige exterior, hinting at the entertaining experience awaiting visitors. Trees and a clear blue sky can be seen in the background, adding to the outdoor, festive atmosphere.

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This image captures a vibrant and active arcade environment filled with a variety of gaming stations. In the foreground, a young man is enthusiastically interacting with an arcade game that includes physical activity as part of the gameplay. Behind him, several red racing game simulators are lined up, unoccupied at the moment, in front of a wall adorned with a colorful "WIN TICKETS" sign. The arcade appears spacious, well-lit with blue overhead ambient lighting, and offers a selection of games that cater to different interests, including games of skill and strategy. Scattered throughout the space, other patrons can be seen engaging with the games, pointing towards a communal atmosphere of fun and competition.

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Boomers is a favorite destination in California for people of all ages looking for an engaging, entertaining, and once-in-a-lifetime experience! All of the rides, games, and attractions that you're looking for are available, including their famous Miniature Golf, Go-Karts, and Arcades!

It is a great place to have a good time! You'll be able to enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities at this park, as well as a wide variety of mouthwatering meals. This is a perfect place for family entertainment. Purchase your Boomers discount ticket from FunEx and check out everything Boomers Irvine, CA has to offer. Guaranteed lowest prices!

Where is Boomers Located?

This attraction is located at 3405 Michelson Dr, Irvine, California, United States. It's about 1 hour way from Downtown Los Angeles. However, if traffic is heavy, travel time can be extended up to 30 minutes.

Boomers Irvine Hours

Boomers Irvine hours vary day by day. But usually, they are open 11 AM or 12 noon and closes 8:00 PM or 10:00 PM. You may check their exact opening and closing hours on their official website.

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What to Expect at Boomers?

You will have the chance to experience activities for all ages include arcades, indoor games such as laser tag, and outdoor games like Go-Karts! An awesome experience all in one!

Boomers Irvine Attractions and Activities


Do you like to play video games? Or do you love playing games that let you use your imagination? If so, you'll love this area called the Arcade. This huge standing game room is a great place to play any games you want. You can be the captain of your own ship or a three-point shooter and win the Most Valuable Player award.

Image Description: This collage image showcases three joyful scenes from an indoor arcade and party venue named "Bumper's". On the left, a young girl with dark hair, wearing a black top, is seated at an arcade racing game; her hands tightly grip the steering wheel and her expression is one of delighted concentration. The center panel features a young man with dark hair in a blue t-shirt, enthusiastically playing a ticket redemption game, while swiping his hand over a glowing, arcade console. In the vivid right panel, a group consisting of two men, three women, and four children gather around a birthday cake adorned with lit candles on a table. Balloons float in the background and the children display wide smiles, while a boy in the front holds a blue cup with a lid shaped like a character's head. They all appear to be in high spirits, sharing in the birthday celebration. 

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Batting Cages

A trip to the batting cage is a great idea if you have any interest in batting at all, whether it is for the sheer enjoyment of it or in the hopes of gaining a competitive advantage. You are welcome to use the batting helmets and bats that the park has provided, or you might just bring your own. Their pitching machines for slow pitch softball, fast pitch softball, or baseball are capable of simulating speeds of up to 70 miles per hour. Batting Cages will assist you with honing your batting eye and getting your swing into a rhythm.

Reservation to access this activity is required.

Flame Thrower

If you are looking for a ride that will provide you with both an incredible adventure as well as a terrifying experience that will force you to scream thanks to its speed and its flipping action, then Flame Thrower is the ride that you need to try out! During the very first movement, you are going to be taken aback as it lifts you into the air at such a rapid speed that you won't even have time to brace yourself and build up your strength for the rest of your ride! Because everything strikes so quickly, be on your guard. This ride is intended for two thrill seekers, and you may choose to go with friends, family, or loved ones depending on what works best for you. Make the most of your experience by purchasing a Boomers discount ticket from FunEx.

Bumper Boats

When it comes to having fun in the water, the park is the place to be! If you ride at full speed with other riders alongside you, you should be expecting to have some water splashed on you. You should also watch out for other riders, as they might crash over your bumper boat! If, on the other hand, you prefer calm cruises and much less active play with your children, there is another choice available to you: the boat comes equipped with its very own water cannon!

This image displays two separate recreational activities at an amusement park on a bright, sunny day. On the left, we see two individuals smiling and enjoying a water bumper boat ride in a shallow circular pool. Each rider is seated in a separate blue and purple boat adorned with the logo "BUMPER," featuring water squirters. The atmosphere appears cheerful, with splashes of water visible as boats collide gently. Palm trees and a clear blue sky form the backdrop, suggesting a pleasant outdoor setting.

On the right, a different individual is shown with a joyful expression, steering a blue go-kart with red and white stripes and a vibrant eagle graphic. The kart is on a concrete track, and this person appears to be in motion, enjoying the racing experience. A safety belt is visible, ensuring the rider's security during the activity. A fence surrounds the track area, and housing structures are faintly visible in the distance beyond the fence.

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On the right side of the image, an individual is pictured driving a go-kart painted with a stars-and-stripes motif, suggesting a patriotic theme. The person is securely strapped into the seat with a clear sense of focus and hands firmly on the steering wheel, steering around a paved track outlined by a low barrier with a tropical palm tree beyond it.

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Thunder Road Go Karts

With these high-speed Go Karts that are easily capable of reaching 45 miles per hour, you can get a real rush while going as fast or as slow as you choose. These go karts are driven by octane, which enables the rider to quickly navigate tight twists and curves while maintaining a fast speed. The minimum height requirement for drivers is 58 inches. The minimum height requirement for a passenger seat is 40 inches and the minimum height requirement for a driver is 60 inches, and they must have a valid driver's license. What are you waiting for?

Lazer Tag

Everyone of all kinds may have a thrilling time playing the Lazer Tag game that's located within the amusement park! Because it provides the finest possible experience in battle, it is suitable for people of all ages, including children and adults. As you wage battle with your friends within the arena, this game will completely shake up your life, so keep an eye out for any danger. If you have been tagged, a penalty point deduction will be levied, and your vibrating chest plate will let you know if this has happened. Therefore, you should never give them the opportunity to tag you so that you can win and overcome the other players. Your scores are available after 5-minute-long game. I wish you the best of luck regardless of the outcome!

This image is a collage of two photographs taken at a vibrant amusement park on a clear day. The left photograph shows two children enjoying a spinning teacup ride. One child, facing away from the camera, wears a dark shirt, while the other, with a side braid, is in a light purple shirt, and they both appear to be concentrating on the spinning motion of the ride. The teacup they’re in has a playful design with bold letters spelling out "BOOM!" along the side.

The right photograph features a smiling adult and a joyful child, both sitting in what seems to be a pink inflatable water ride. The child is wearing a bright yellow life vest labeled "SCHOOL" and holding onto a steering wheel, showing excitement. The adult, presumably a woman, wears a light striped top and is looking at the child with a tender, content expression. is proud to offer unforgettable amusement park experiences, ensuring you always find the lowest prices and best discounts on tickets for family-friendly fun! This image displays two separate moments of joy at an amusement park. On the left, two individuals are seen from behind, enjoying a ride in a boat-shaped vessel with a blue exterior and adorned with a cartoonish wave design. The people appear engaged and looking toward the front of the boat, possibly in anticipation or as they navigate the attraction. On the right, a smiling child wearing a bright yellow life vest holds onto a pink steering wheel, indicating control over a ride or play equipment. Next to her, an adult woman, likely her guardian, smiles broadly, sharing in the joyful experience. They are both basked in sunlight, which hints at favorable weather for a day out at the park.

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Lil’ Thunder Rookie Go Karts

Who says that only adults can ride Go Karts? At Lil' Thunder Rookie Go Karts, kids can also ride Go Karts and enjoy the fun turns and twists. Don't worry about it! Your little version of you will be safe in these Go Karts, which are made for kids who want exciting rides.

Height Requirement: Riders must be between 42 inches to 58 inches tall to drive.

King Arthur’s Carnival

The King Arthur’s Carnival is one of the best playgrounds of fun for little guests at the park. With its rotating and spinning teacup-inspired cart that brings butterflies to your stomach and the speed that will twist your minds, they have something for everyone! This ride is much of a kid-size, but the adventure is big enough for them to enjoy!

Miniature Golf

A kid playing miniature golf at Boomers Irvine A kid playing miniature golf at Boomers Irvine

The park has been a home of entertainment for all ages. And the Miniature Golf stands as the greatest evidence of that! Golf is a club-and-ball sport intended for adults who want to hit balls into a hole. But, here in Miniature Golf, little guests who are curious how to play this game can actually try it! It’s free for little guests five (5) years old and below. Fun, right? Teach your kids how to strike a pose and shoot the ball in one go! It’s not easy, but they’ll surely do have plenty of time to practice until they can do it one more time!

Dining Options

When it comes to food, the park has so many mouthwatering choices to offer. They have cheese starters, cheese entrees, imported beers, starter foods, pizzas, desserts, and so much more! You’ll have plenty of menu to choose from and try out! If you want an inside look of Boomers Irvine foods at the park, see the listed options below (not included in tickets):

This image is divided into two distinct sections, both capturing the essence of a fun and enjoyable entertainment venue.

On the left side of the image, we see a close-up view of a bountiful feast consisting of a black tray diagonally lined with checkered paper, filled with a generous selection of golden-brown breaded chicken tenders and crispy, deep-fried chicken wings. In the center of the tray, there are three small cups containing various dipping sauces—white, red, and dark brown—in a triangular arrangement, to complement the chicken.

On the right side of the image, we find a lively scene set in what appears to be an indoor arcade. Three young people are engaging in a cheerful conversation, sitting at a red table. Two of them are holding large cups filled with a recognizable branded frozen beverage called ICEE. The colors blue and red are prominent in their drinks, highlighting a fun and casual atmosphere. Colorful, bright lights and arcade games with vibrant signage, such as "CARNIVAL," serve as a festive background, suggesting a place of amusement and playful activity.

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On the right side of the image, three individuals are seated at a table, engrossed in a joyful conversation. They are in an indoor arcade environment, surrounded by colorful game machines and vibrant lights. The individuals appear to be enjoying their time together, each holding a cup with the "ICEE" logo on it and straws peeking from the lids.

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Fountain Beverages – This 330z refreshing drink comes with a collectible cup to commemorate your visit journey.

ICEE – Looking for some brain-freezing drinks after your exposure to extreme heat? Get refreshed at ICEE and pick the flavor to savor your choice.

Keurig Regular Coffee – This coffee station is perfect for coffee lovers who want to sip one while at the park. They brew 1 cup at a time to maintain the flavor packed. You’ll have the perfect drink while relaxing.


Mini-Melts – This mini-melt ice cream is sold in two sizes: Large and Small.

Churro – Grab this golden churro coated with cinnamon and sugar. Choose between two sauces available: Caramel and Chocolate.

This image displays a variety of foods available at a dining venue. On the left, we see several bowls filled with an assortment of ingredients including what appears to be poke with diced raw fish, rice, greens, and various toppings like green onions and sesame seeds. In the foreground, there's a wooden bowl holding green salad leaves, next to a block of cheese with specks of herbs on its surface. On the right side of the photo, a serving of golden-brown sweet potato fries is shown in a brown paper-lined basket. Behind the fries, part of a blue cup with the word "Bombers" and a lightning bolt logo is visible, suggesting it is a branded beverage container. At, we serve up excitement along with the best deals. Don't miss the chance to score the lowest prices and biggest savings on your tickets for a variety of experiences! This image displays a collage of two photographs related to dining experiences. On the left, there are several bowls of food that appear to be ingredients for customized meals. These bowls contain various items such as leafy greens, red beans, diced tomatoes, and shredded cheese. On the right side of the collage, there's an image featuring a red plastic cup with the word "Flavors" printed on it in a blue and yellow font, suggesting a branded experience. Next to the cup are salty, crispy, golden-brown French fries served in a blue paper tray, perfectly cooked for that satisfying crunch.

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Grilled Chicken Sandwich Basket – All chicken breast fillet with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion toppings.

Chicken Tenders Basket – All meat chicken tenders with an additional of yummy fries or onion rings (choose your bet).

Mini Corn Dogs Basket – Golden corn dogs served with your choice of either onion rings or fries.

Hot Dog Basket – Savor these beef hotdogs with a side of either mustard or ketchup, plus served with your choice of fries or onion rings.

Kids Meal Chicken Nuggets with Fries – Kids will surely love these chicken nuggets served in a basket with ranch and ketchup.

Boomers Burger Basket – The must try signature burger with so many fillings topped with lettuce, cheddar cheese, tomato, and crispy onion rings.

Family Bucket of Chicken & Fries – This bucket of chicken is the perfect bucket for families to eat for lunch.

This image displays a delightful array of food items perfect for enthusiasts seeking a tasty treat. On the left side of the image, there is a mouth-watering pizza adorned with a generous amount of pepperoni slices evenly distributed across the surface, presenting a classic Italian-American cuisine favorite. The pizza is partially sliced, and one slice is slightly elevated, showcasing the melted cheese. Accompanying the pizza, there's a blue cup with a lid and a straw featuring the Boomer's logo, suggesting a refreshing beverage option. On the right side, the focus is on a trio of churros coated in granulated sugar and cinnamon, which are traditionally known for their sweet, indulgent flavor. These spiral-shaped churros are positioned vertically, hinting at a crispy texture, and are paired beside two small containers of dipping sauce with one appearing to be caramel. This delicious scene is set against a casual outdoor dining ambiance, adding to the allure of a relaxed dining experience.

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½ Cheese – ½ Pepperoni Pizza – Large pizza with two flavors in one round (cheese + pepperoni) and 10 slices.

Pepperoni Pizza –Large pizza cut in 10 slices.

Cheese Pizza –Large pizza cut in 10 slices.

Cheese Flatbread Pizza – Served in rectangle basket with a side of marinara and ranch.

Pepperoni Flatbread Pizza - Served in rectangle basket with a side of marinara and ranch.

When you are at the park, you will find that you have a large number of options to choose from. There are so many yummy options to choose from!

Please check out the dining option's hours:

Hours are subject to change without notice. Please check the operating calendar at for the most up to date hours of operation.

Sunday 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Monday 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Tuesday 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Friday 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Saturday 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

How They Ensure Your Safety

As a result of the pandemic's continued toll on daily life, the park has evolved to become resilient and resourceful enough to sidestep the growth of harmful bacteria. As a result of the use of the upgraded safety measures, the park has become one of the parks that has established the highest standards in terms of overall safety for everyone. Aside from the risk posed by COVID-19, daily sanitary and mechanical inspections help verify that there are no flaws in the system, which is essential to guarantee that everyone remains safe when riding rides and experiencing attractions.

Here are the enhanced measures implemented:

Cleaning and Sanitizing

In an aim to minimize the spread of disease and keep customers healthy, they do regular application of disinfectants on high-touch surfaces as well as with tables, handrails, and benches. In fact, over the course of the day, they will momentarily shut the restrooms so that they may conduct a thorough cleaning. Aside from that, the park has maximized the signage placement and mounted more sanitation locations in order to encourage guests to properly wash their hands before touching their faces or mouths. This can help prevent the spread of viruses. And here's the important part: each ride gets a regular cleaning after every single usage!

What are you waiting for? Visit Boomers Irvine and use our discount Boomers ticket to go to one of the safest attractions in California.

Personal Protective Gear

Nothing makes an experience more delightful than knowing that your wellness is a top priority. Every visitor, from child to adult, is provided with an incredible amount of comfort and convenience. Personal safety equipment such as masks, gloves, and face shields are all available for purchase at the park. Most importantly, it is strongly suggested that any visitors who have not been vaccinated should wear a face mask. However, this does not imply that visitors who have been vaccinated are not encouraged to wear one; you are not required to do so, but you certainly have the option to do so in order to protect yourself.

If you’re thinking where to head next, then I must say, go to Boomers! And for the pass, purchase your Boomers discount ticket through FunEx and enjoy exclusive deals and save more money! Now, that’s the savings that got to make you smile!

Maximize Your Fun at Boomers Irvine with These Tips!

  1. Enjoy our Discounts:

    Enjoy big savings and hassle-free processing! Check out FunEx for discounted Boomers Irvine tickets!

  2. Explore Fully:

    Use your discounted Boomers tickets to enjoy various attractions like mini-golf, go-karts, and bumper boats!

  3. Plan for Meals:

    Refresh at the park’s cafes, which offer a variety of food and beverage options, perfect for a quick snack or a leisurely meal.

  4. Prioritize Attractions:

    Decide in advance which activities are a must to ensure you experience your top choices!

  5. Arrive Early:

    Getting there right at opening time can help you avoid longer lines, especially for popular attractions.

  6. Wear Comfortable Gear:

    Dress appropriately for activity and weather— don't forget comfortable shoes!

  7. Capture the Moments:

    Don’t forget your camera or phone to capture fun moments! Boomers Irvine is full of photo-worthy spots to remember your adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is Boomers Irvine located?

    Boomers has several locations. For Boomers Irvine, it is located at 3405 Michelson Dr, Irvine, CA 92612, United States.

  2. Do you still need a reservation for Boomers Irvine?

    No, reservations are not required. Just present your electronic Boomers discount ticket during your visit.

  3. What are Boomers Hours?

    The park's opening hours vary day by day. Some days, they are open from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM; some days, they are open 12:00 noon to 10:00 PM. To check the hours of your desired visit, you may click HERE to see the full schedule.

  4. Do they have free parking?

    Yes. Using our Boomers discount ticket, you’ll have free access to the parking.

  5. Are tickets required at Boomers?

    Yes, everyone entering Boomers Irvine must have a valid Boomers discount ticket or pass – even if you don’t plan on going on any of the rides. For the lowest-priced Boomers tickets, buy them through FunEx and receive discounted prices.

  6. Do I need to print my ticket?

    No, your electronic pass or your discount Boomers ticket does not need to be printed out when entering at the gate. Consider your phone your new travel buddy! Just show your electronic Boomers discount ticket at the gates, and in you go! However, if you prefer to print your discount Boomers ticket, you may still do so.

  7. Will I receive my Boomers discount ticket right away?

    Once you’ve secured your Boomers discount tickets through FunEx, you will receive them instantly in your email, along with your receipt.

  8. I can’t find my Boomers tickets after purchase, where should I find it?

    If you haven’t received your Boomers discount ticket after your purchase, please check your spam folder or search the word “FunEx” in your email. You may also access the tickets from your FunEx account under Order History. For additional assistance, you may contact our customer service representatives via email at or via calling our line from 7AM to 10PM PST at 949-367-1900.

  9. Are Boomers tickets refundable?

    No. All Boomers tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-reusable.

Last updated June 10, 2024.

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