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This image displays a cheerful and active indoor classroom scene where young children are engaging in an educational activity. There are approximately eight children seated at a light-colored, kidney-shaped table. Each child is focused on individual art or writing exercises on papers in front of them. They are being supervised by two adults; a woman seated at the table wearing a protective face mask who seems to assist the kids, and a man standing by a shelf organizing supplies. The room features bright, neutral-toned walls with shelving units containing neatly arranged learning materials. A speaker is mounted on the wall, and natural light illuminates the space, evoking a warm and inviting atmosphere conducive to learning.

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Take the kiddos to The New Children’s Museum to introduce them to an environment that will help them learn through playing and art! This museum is located in San Diego and features three levels of interactive fun for children to stimulate their creativity and artistic capabilities!

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Art + Play Space

The New Children’s Museum’s Art + Play Space is something that your kid should not miss! Sitting on a 2,000-square foot area, this Art + Play Space is sure to make for some amazing art experiences for families and children alike in San Diego.

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Wobbleland by Marisol Rendón

Description: This image displays a colorful children's play area with an ocean theme. In the center stands a large, playful structure that resembles a water faucet with a dark blue "stream" of fabric flowing from its spout, creating a tent-like space underneath. The fabric stream has light blue circles and peepholes, adding to the interactive aspect. Surrounding the faucet, the walls are adorned with whimsical sea creature graphics in shades of blue, including a character that appears like a friendly octopus. The floor is carpeted with a pattern that complements the underwater motif. To the left, a bright yellow and orange structure, resembling coral or reef, invites imaginative play. A red and yellow spherical element that could be a stylized fish or sea toy sits atop it. Overall, the atmosphere is vibrant and engaging, designed to stimulate creativity and play.

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Painted Object

Image Description: The photograph displays a child with a joyful expression peeking through a circular window of a large, playful, house-shaped structure. The structure appears simplistic with a white facade and a pointed roof, reminiscent of a classic house icon or a child's drawing. The circular window is centered on the facade, and the child's face is framed neatly within, her hair partly obscuring her right eye. She is wearing a leopard print garment, which adds a playful contrast to the plain background. The house structure is situated on a platform with a light blue color that extends to the floor, suggesting an indoor setting possibly designed for interactive play.

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Shop + Eat at the Museum

This image captures the interior of a small, well-lit cafe with a modern aesthetic. Sunlight filters in from the windows, casting soft shadows across the concrete floor. To the left, the ordering counter is equipped with a variety of snacks and a menu board posted above. A kitchen area is visible in the background, where an individual appears to be preparing food. Health inspection signage indicating a grade "A" is present near the menu, reflecting the establishment's cleanliness and food safety. The cafe seems to be quiet, with no customers currently in line.

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Picky eaters and those with special dietary needs are welcome at The Bean Sprouts Café inside The New Children’s Museum! The café offers guests a wide array of healthy and delicious options for the family.

View their full menu HERE.

Image Description: This image portrays an aisle inside a bright and well-organized retail store showcasing various products. The flooring is a light wood laminate that extends throughout the visible space. On the right, a shelving unit presents an assortment of greeting cards, neatly arranged and accessible. Adjacent to the cards, health and beauty products are displayed in a tidy fashion. On the left, another shelving unit houses diverse household goods such as cleaning supplies and kitchenware, including colorful plates and containers. The shelves are stocked to capacity, offering an abundance of options for shoppers. The store's clean layout and array of products suggest a welcoming environment for guests looking to purchase everyday items.

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Frequently Asked Questions about The New Children’s Museum :

  1. Where is The New Children’s Museum located?
    The address is 200 W. Island Ave., San Diego, CA, 92101.
  2. Are reservations required at The New Children's Museum?
    The New Children's Museum is no longer requiring reservations. Tickets can be purchased as a walk-up or online for any day they are open; however, you can only get FunEx’s discount tickets by ordering online through our website.
  3. What are the hours of operation for The New Children's Museum?
    The New Children's Museum is open from Thursday to Monday for morning (9 a.m. - 12 p.m.) and afternoon (1 p.m. – 4 p.m.) sessions. They are closed from 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. Thursday through Monday for cleaning. They are closed all day on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  4. Where can I park at The New Children's Museum?
    The New Children's Museum has an underground garage with limited slots. The parking rate at The New Children's Museum is $10 for non-members and $5 for members. Public parking lots are also an option with one lot two blocks away at Second and Island Avenue.
  5. Will there be restrooms and changing tables available at The New Children's Museum?
    All the levels in The New Children's Museum have restrooms with changing tables.
  6. Are there drinking fountains at The New Children's Museum?
    They are closed, but alternatively, there are water refilling stations inside the The New Children's Museum. It is highly recommended for guests to bring their own bottles.
  7. Do I need to print out my discounted FunEx tickets to The New Children’s Museum?
    No, through FunEx, you can just show your New Children’s Museum discount tickets on your phone for easy entry.
  8. How soon do I receive my New Children’s Museum discounted tickets from FunEx?
    You will receive your FunEx discount tickets to The New Children’s Museum instantly after your purchase along with your receipt!
  9. Are service animals allowed at The New Children’s Museum?
    Yes, but they must be on a leash. Those with service animals are allowed full access to the museum.
  10. Is The New Children’s Museum wheelchair accessible?
    Yes, it is. The Museum has designated handicap parking, automatic doors, and an elevator.
  11. Do I need to wear a face covering at The New Children's Museum?
    All employees and guests who are two years old or older must wear a mask while at the Museum. Masks are not required for fully vaccinated guests in the outdoor areas but are strongly encouraged for unvaccinated guests. See their Safer Play page for more information on health and safety protocols at the Museum.
  12. Will The New Children's Museum be conducting temperature checks?
    No, they will not.
  13. Does The New Children’s Museum require proof of vaccination?
    No, they do not.
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