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How the GetOutPass Arizona Works in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Buy and Save:

    Start your adventure by getting the GetOutPass discount tickets from FunEx. This step is your ticket to a whole lot of fun without spending a lot!

  2. Get the App:

    Once you've bought your pass, download the app on your phone!

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    Look through the app to find cool places you want to visit in Arizona. Choose what looks fun, then go there when you're ready to have a good time.

  4. Show the App and Enjoy:

    When you get to the attraction, just show the app to get in for free. It's super simple – no waiting, just straight to the fun!

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Notable Attractions Included in Your Discounted GetOutPass Ticket

  • 3Quest Challenge Arizona

    Explore Arizona like never before with the 3Quest Challenge! Discover the city by solving puzzles and finding items in a thrilling scavenger hunt. Compete for the top spot on the leaderboard and make unforgettable memories with friends and family!

  • Painting Wonderland

    Unleash your creativity at Painting Wonderland, where you can paint ceramics and canvases to your heart's content! Perfect for personalized gifts or a fun day out, this studio offers a canvas for your imagination with activities for all ages.

  • OdySea Mirror Maze

    Navigate a maze of illusions and challenges at OdySea Mirror Maze! Find your way through mirrored pathways, dodge laser beams, and beat the clock in a test of agility and speed!

Tips for Your GetOutPass Arizona Adventure

  1. Make a Must-See List:

    Start with a list of places you can't miss out on. It helps you focus on your trip!

  2. Buy GetOutPass Discount Tickets:

    Save more as you secure our discount tickets! It's your ticket to a year's worth of adventures across a variety of attractions.

  3. Stay Flexible:

    Plans are great but get ready to explore unexpected places. Arizona's full of surprises worth discovering.

  4. Wear Comfortable Shoes:

    Whether it's hiking or city walking, good shoes are a must for exploring Arizona's diverse terrains!

  5. Drink Plenty of Water:

    The heat in Arizona can be intense! Carry a water bottle to stay hydrated, especially when outdoors.

  6. Keep Your Camera Ready:

    Arizona's stunning views and vibrant scenes are perfect for photos. Keep your camera handy for those spontaneous shots!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I activate my GetOutPass Arizona?

    Starting is easy! Once you've purchased your pass, simply download the app on your smartphone. Choose from our extensive list of attractions, head to your chosen venue, show your app at the entrance, and gain free admission. It's streamlined for your convenience.

  2. Can I enjoy pass benefits in multiple locations?

    Absolutely! Your pass unlocks access to all participating locations within the region of your pass. For instance, if you have the Arizona pass, you're free to explore any listed Arizona attractions via the app.

  3. Who is the pass ideal for?

    The pass is perfect for everyone aged 2 and above. Be mindful that some attractions might have admission fees for children of all ages. We suggest visiting the attraction's website for the most accurate information.

  4. What's the validity of the offers in my GetOutPass Arizona ticket?

    Offer availability varies by the attraction, including specific dates and frequency. Keep in mind, attractions have the right to modify their offers without prior notice.

  5. Can I share my pass with someone else?

    The pass is personalized and cannot be shared. Each pass is uniquely assigned to an individual's name, age, and gender, making it exclusive to the registered user only.

  6. How frequently can I use my pass?

    Usage frequency depends on the specific offer. Annual offers can be accessed once per year, resetting upon your pass renewal. Monthly offers refresh on the first day of each month, while quarterly offers restart on the first day of January, April, July, and October.

Last updated March 11, 2024.

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