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Easy Steps on How the GetOutPass Houston Works

  1. Purchase Your Pass:

    Begin by buying the GetOutPass discount tickets from FunEx. This step marks the start of your exciting journey towards fun at an affordable cost!

  2. Download the App:

    Once your purchase is complete, download the app on your smartphone. This app serves as your gateway to numerous attractions and activities.

  3. Choose and Go:

    Use the app to explore and choose from a wide range of exciting destinations in Houston. Decide where you want to go, then set off for a day of enjoyment!

  4. Show the App for Access:

    Upon arrival, simply present your app to gain free entry. It’s straightforward – no complications, just instant fun!

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Notable Attractions in Houston Included with your GetOutPass Tickets

  • Crocodile Encounter

    Dive into a hidden gem in Houston at Crocodile Encounter, where nature's most thrilling creatures await! Experience nature intimately with your family and get close to crocodiles and a diverse array of wildlife for an unforgettable adventure!

  • Houston Museum of Natural Science

    Explore the beauty of the natural world at the Houston Museum of Natural Science! This grand science center captivates millions with its exceptional galleries and world premiere exhibitions. From ancient fossils to the wonders of outer space, it's a journey through science and history!

  • Downtown Aquarium

    Discover an aquatic paradise in the heart of Houston at Downtown Aquarium! Merging history with modern wonder, this six-acre complex is a 500,000-gallon wonderland of marine life from across the globe!

Tips and Tricks for Your GetOutPass Houston Adventure

  1. Secure a Pass at a Discount:

    Snatch up our Houston GetOutPass discount tickets for year-long access to numerous attractions!

  2. Plan with the Season in Mind:

    Adapt your activities to Houston's seasonal climates—opt for desert visits in cooler months and mountain escapes during the hotter times.

  3. Incorporate Flexibility:

    While a solid plan is valuable, spontaneity can lead to the most memorable experiences. Keep an open agenda for unplanned discoveries!

  4. Opt for Sturdy Footwear:

    Comfortable, durable shoes are non-negotiable for travelling across Houston's varied landscapes, ensuring a pleasant journey wherever you roam.

  5. Ready Your Camera:

    With its picturesque landscapes and lively city scenes, Houston offers endless photo opportunities!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I activate my GetOutPass?

    Once you've purchased your pass, simply go to and click redeem gift at the top, choose the pass location you bought and type in the unique code given through FunEx. You will then receive an email to set up your account and download the app. Choose from our extensive list of attractions, head to your chosen venue, show your app at the entrance, and gain free admission. It's streamlined for your convenience.

  2. Can my pass be used in multiple locations?

    Absolutely! Your pass grants access to all attractions listed for your pass’s specific area, such as Houston.

  3. What age is the pass suitable for?

    The pass is ideal for anyone aged 2 and up, though some attractions may require admission for children of any age.

  4. How long are the passes offers valid?

    Offers vary by attraction and are subject to their specific availability and any date restrictions.

  5. Can I share my pass with someone else?

    No, the pass is personalized to your details and cannot be shared.

  6. How often can I use the offers on my pass?

    Usage frequency depends on the offer, with annual, monthly, and quarterly resets based on the type of getoutpass.

Last updated March 11, 2024.

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