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How the GetOutPass Kansas City Works in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Get Your Pass:

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  2. Install the App:

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  3. Pick Your Fun:

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  4. Show Your Pass, Enjoy Your Day:

    Show the app at the entrance to get in for free. It's really simple – no extra steps, just fun waiting for you!

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Attractions to See at Kansas City with Your GetOutPass Discount Tickets

  • Craft Axe Throwing

    Unleash your inner Viking at Craft Axe Throwing! This premier axe-throwing destination offers an adrenaline-pumping experience with 12 lanes for hatchet and tomahawk throwing. Enjoy cold brews and live sports on TV in a venue perfect for gatherings or corporate events, making every throw an unforgettable experience!

  • Skateland Family Fun Center

    Roll into fun at Skateland Family Fun Center, a roller-skating rink with over 41 years of bringing families together! This family-owned establishment prides itself on creating a welcoming atmosphere for skaters of all ages, offering a blend of nostalgia and fun in every glide.

  • Tanganyika Wildlife Park

    Explore the wild side of Kansas at Tanganyika Wildlife Park, home to the third-largest animal collection in the state and one of its biggest attractions! With over 40 exhibits, including 10 interactive stations, this family-owned park leads in rare and endangered species breeding.

Quick Tips for Enjoying GetOutPass Kansas City

  1. Score a GetOutPass Discount:

    Purchase our Kansas City GetOutPass at a discount for year-long access to numerous attractions!

  2. Plan for the Season:

    Match your activities to the season—desert explorations in spring or fall, cooler spots in the summer.

  3. Keep Plans Flexible:

    Allow room for spontaneous adventures. Kansas City is ripe with unexpected wonders.

  4. Opt for Comfy Footwear:

    Good walking shoes are essential for both the trails and urban exploration.

  5. Get Your Camera Ready:

    Capture the beauty of Kansas City's landscapes and urban scenes. Always be ready for that perfect shot.

Quick Tips for Enjoying GetOutPass Kansas City

  1. How do I activate and start enjoying my pass?

    Getting started is effortless! Once you've purchased your pass, simply go to and click redeem gift at the top, choose the pass location you bought and type in the unique code given through FunEx. You will then receive an email to set up your account and download the app. Choose from our extensive list of attractions, head to your chosen venue, show your app at the entrance, and gain free admission. It's streamlined for your convenience.

  2. Can I use my pass across various locations?

    Indeed, you can! Your Pass grants access to every attraction within the geographic area of your purchase. So, if you've picked the Kansas City GetOutPass, you're all set to explore any Kansas City attraction featured in our app.

  3. Who is the pass designed for?

    The pass is perfect for adventure-seekers aged 2 and older.

  4. What is the validity of GetOutPass offers?

    Offers vary in availability based on the attraction's specific schedule and conditions. Please note, attractions reserve the right to modify their offers, so staying updated through the app is recommended.

  5. Can I share my pass with friends or family?

    The pass is exclusively yours, linked to your personal information and not intended for sharing. This ensures that your pass and its benefits remain personal and secure.

  6. How frequently can I use my pass to access offers?

    The frequency of use is offer-dependent. Annual offers can be accessed once within your 12-month subscription period, monthly offers refresh on the first of each month, and quarterly offers are available again at the start of each quarter (January, April, July, and October), providing numerous opportunities to enjoy your pass.

Last updated March 12, 2024.

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